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Why Choose Imported Rugs?

As opposed to regular rugs that are made from synthetic fabrics and other low quality materials, rugs that have foreign countries of origin tend to be higher quality. Imported rugs are often beaming with sophistication and style. The intricate designs on antique rugs are often not duplicated, making many of them unique and one-of-a-kind.

Amir Rugs carries only Persian, Oriental, tribal, and antique rugs. We carry a high caliber of sophistication because that is what our clients are specifically looking for. We have a quality selection for those individuals with discriminating tastes. We also have a wealth of information about rugs located right on our website. Whether you want to learn what a tribal rug is or what makes a Persian rug different than other rugs, you can find that information located in our articles.


There are many different types of rugs and carpets out there and in order to purchase one, you must first know what you’re looking for. Tribal rugs are often named after cities or tribes; sometimes they are named after the cities they originate in, sometimes they are not. For instance, the Bakhtiar tribal rug is named after a region in Iran near Isfahan called Bakhtiari.

Each type of tribal rug has unique features that are exclusive to that particular type of rug. The Bakhtiar for instance is adorned with all shades of blues, reds, and greens. While all Bakhtiar rugs have some similarities, they usually vary greatly from rug to rug. Things that can different between rugs include the pattern, quality of wool, and most importantly the fineness of the knotting.

Imported rugs such as the Bakhtiar are primarily made in either Pakistan or Iran and the location of its weaving plays a large role in the design and ultimate form of the rug.