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Reasons to Buy a Persian Rug

Here are just a few reasons for owning a Persian rug instead of a machine made copy:

1. Design

Each Persian rug design is unique and beautiful different ways, just like any other hand crafted art you cannot two rugs with the same design. Even fancy cars have copies, i.e. many people own a Ferrari. This uniqueness in design makes Persian rugs always in style and fashionable no matter the current pop design trends.

They have stood the test of time, so it's almost guaranteed that the rug you buy today will be as beautiful (from the design standpoint) in 100 years.

2. Soul

Unlike a machine made rug, oriental rugs have soul. Just think about it, some of these rugs take years to craft by the artists, they spend hours and hours every day for a long period of time. They carry memory, energy and love.

3. High Quality

You'll enjoy more owning a high quality rug and it will last longer for you! It's like any other high quality items.

4. Investment

Unlike machine made rugs, Persian rugs are an investment, they won't go out of style and their value almost always increases by time. Chloe Cho explains this perfectly in "An Investment You Can Walk On".