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Looking for an Imported Rug?

Finely crafted rugs are generally not domestically made. Rugs in general originate in Asia and the Middle East and those places are the source for high quality rugs today. An imported rug is usually adorned with wonderful floral patterns or beautiful geometric designs that are not found in domestic rugs. These patterns and designs are what set the world stage for sophistication and beauty in a carpet. Imported Persian rugs are crafted with care and excellence, making sure that each and every carpet is worthy of displaying in a home or office for many years to come.
The Making of Imported Carpets

In current times many carpets tend to be created through mechanical means. The entire process of weaving is mechanized and the art of hand-weaving is becoming a lost one. Fortunately, many imported carpets are still created through hand woven techniques. This is a lengthy and arduous process that can take anywhere from a few months to a few years to complete. The intricate designs and patterns that are woven into these carpets can be so complex that many weavers have to work over a number of years for the carpet to be completed. This is often the case for many Persian and imported oriental rugs.
Imported Oriental Rugs

The beauty of the rugs that we carry is certain to gain your attention. Our beautiful imported oriental rugs will maintain their vigor and luster throughout the years while providing your home a true work of art. These rugs age gracefully and we are certain that you will be as pleased with your purchase. As an example of how well these imported carpets age, we carry many carpets that are over a hundred years old.
Quality Imported Persian Rugs

Many of the carpets we carry at Amir Rugs can be considered antiques, or even ancient by some standards. Don’t let those words deceive you; these imported Persian rugs are as beautiful now as they were when they were first woven in the 1800’s and early 1900’s. Whether you want to purchase a brand new rug or buy an antique that has a long and wonderful history, Amir Rugs is the place to do it. Find a beautiful, imported rug that matches you style today.