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History of Persian Carpets

Persian carpets have a storied history and are known for being some of the greatest pieces of art created by mankind. We here at Amir Rugs have compiled a brief history of Persian carpets.

The Early History 600 BC - 200 AD

The first mention of Persian rugs came around 400 BC, when Greek Author Xenophon described them in his book as precious and claimed that they were exchanged between leaders as gifts. Even as early as 400 BC they were regarded as distinguished, prestigious, and inherently valuable.

The earliest Persian carpet excavated in modern history is dated to 400 BC. This carpet was uncovered in 1949 in the Pazyryk Valley in Siberia, which was then a part of ancient Persia. The carpet was 72 by 79 inches and was consistent of dark reds and vibrant golds. Depicted on the border are deer and men interacting with horses. The inside of the carpet illustrates stars and various other semi geometric shapes.

The Sassanian Empire 200 - 650

The Sassanian stood alongside The Byzantine Empire as one of the two global powers of its time. The Sassanian rug designers were famous for their use of silk in carpet making. these carpets were particularly loved in Europe as they took center stage at many of the great European churches of the time. These rugs sat alongside many holy church relics of the time.

The Safavid Period 1500 - 1730

The Safavid Period is most known for revolutionizing the very way Persian carpets were designed. It was at this time that new design elements were introduced into carpets. Medallions, spirals, floral ornaments are most indicative of the era. Inscriptions with scientific writing were also trademarks of the time. These carpets came at a time when man's relationship with the natural world was changing. These carpets are famous for reflecting the scientific thought of the time

Classical Persian rugs have stood the test of time and have been used to tell stories, build bridges and introduce beauty into peoples lives all across the world. We here at Amir Rugs have an extensive collection of antiques visit our showroom or website for more information.