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Handmade Persian Rugs

When one starts hand-weaving a Persian rug, it is normally started with a foundation that is made from wool or cotton. The weaving then begins by passing wefts through the warp at the bottom, forming the base that the rest of the rug is then built upon. Knots of wool are then tied together to form the wonderful geometric patterns that you can find in many handmade Persian rugs.

More and more rows of knots are added to the base of the carpet effectively becoming the pile of the rug. Each row of knots then has at least one shot of weft that is passed down to secure the rows from moving. This is done very tightly to make sure the rug is durable. At the end of this process the warp ends become the fringes.

There are a lot of factors and variables that go into making this type of rug including the knot count, the material and the quality of that material that it’s made with, as well as the skill of the weaver. Knot counts of handmade rugs are anywhere from 16 to 550 knots per square inch, with the higher end of course being the more skillfully crafted carpets. Amir Rugs has Persian rugs for sale from all levels of craftsmanship.


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