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First Aid for Antique Persian Carpets Stains

You might already know that Persian rugs are very valuable and don’t come cheap. This is why you should look out for any accidental spilling and take immediate action on it. It can be a dab of wine or a slight drip of coffee or even soda. The worst scenario can be the urine of your pet, which can really harm the color and texture of it while giving out a really bad odor. So, immediately after you spot a spill of any kind in Persian rugs, take prompt action. Using an absorbent paper towel or a white hand towel, try to blot out the spot as much as possible.

Then, try to dilute the area of the stain to prevent it spreading into the carpet and repeat this process as required. On the other hand, if they are stubborn or pesky solutions, you can make a spot cleaning solution. This can be made using white vinegar, a bit of dishwashing detergent and a good amount of tepid water. You can protect the color of your antique rug since the acidic properties in the solution can prevent colors from running. However, it is better to seek professional assistance in such cases to prevent damaging Persian rugs. This is because they have better solutions and special equipment to use in case of pesky stains found in carpets.

So, antique Persian rugs require extreme care and proper handling in order to retain its beauty. It is important that you know how to clean these kinds of carpets in a methodical order. You should also be aware of rug first aid in order to treat it during accidental occurrences. This will help you to clean it before the dirt gets permanently deposited in the rugs. In order to protect the best look of your Persian rugs, seek the help of a professional rug cleaning company. This will make sure that your carpets are properly cleaned without damaging the pile and hence can be used for a long time.